Moonlighter Presents
78 Kingsland Ave., Brooklyn

DoubleVision: Notes and Drawings on the US Military Presence in post-Cold War Asia:
Sukjong Hong discusses her (secret) research on the US military presence in post-Cold War Asia. As an American citizen Hong has had special access to US bases overseas, but as a Korean she has also been able to walk freely in base-towns. In this talk, Hong tries to make sense of this double perspective in creative ways, through drawing and modified photographs.

Analog Edmonton: Documenting a City’s Unseen Properties:
Maegan Magathan discusses the ubiquity of cell phone photography and the role it plays for “place-making” and civic identity. Using Edmonton, Alberta as a case-study (a Canadian prairie town dressed up as a big city), Maegan contemplates beauty in a place nobody would ever want to visit.

Ungentlemanly Behavior: the Mid-Century Misfit Revolution in American Mountaineering:
Mountaineering in the early 20th century was largely the territory of state-sanctioned expeditions and exclusive European climbing clubs for the wealthy. Post-war, the vanguard of climbing relocated to the American West, commandeered by a new generation of dissident mountaineers who innovated new means and methods of ascent as they re-defined which peaks were climbable and who could climb them. This talk explores the mid-century transition in mountaineering methods and culture through the influences of three climbers of the misfit era: Royal Robbins (the philosopher), Yvon Chouinard (the engineer) and Fred Beckey (the vagabond).