We Are Scientists & Milagres
Red Hook Park, Brooklyn

We Are Scientists impressed audiences with their debut With Love & Squalor, which became a gold-selling hit in the U.K., on the strength of dance floor standbys such as “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt,” and “The Great Escape.”

The band’s sound, part post-punk revival and part indie rock, with a touch of 80’s synth-pop, drew parallels to popular bands such as Franz Ferdinand and the Killers. Their second album, Brain Thrust Mastery continued their rise and debuted at number 11 on the UK Albums Chart. The release of 2010’s Barbara sees the band returning to the stripped-down production sensibilities of their debut, With Love & Squalor, while continuing to hone the melodic knack that has made them popular with fans. Billboard notes that, “the opening track, ‘Rules Don’t Stop’ showcases We Are Scientists’ knack for uncomplicated and undeniably catchy rock, while ‘Jack & Ginger’ combines the best of the bands eclectic sound.”

Breathy indie popsters Milagres have been making a name for themselves since the release of their somber and quietly beautiful debut, Seven Summits. Their newest effort, Glowing Mouth, which comes out in September, expands on that sound and takes on a glistening, measured pace with introspective lyrics. The debut single of the same name showcases the band in all their grandeur with Prefix Magazine calling it, “a patient, slow burner of a pop record with warm falsettoed vocals and a thumping electronic groove that grips and never let’s go.”