The Treatment
Cinders Gallery (28 Marcy Ave., Brooklyn)

There will be a rare NYC screening of Sara Thustra’s most recent feature length film, The Treatment, along with two short films, “California is an Island” by Sarolta Jane Cump, and “Performance Spaces” by Heather Rene Russ. Inspired by Sara Thustra’s long time tradition of serving free food at his San Francisco protest and art events, the screening will be preceded by a free dinner for all. Vegans welcome!

Two years in the making, “2010 ‘s Best Art Movie”, The Treatment (60 minutes) is the third movie made by Thustra and Siobahn Alluvalot under the collective name, Lovewarz. The viewer is taken into a world of live performance art filmed across the country, a narrative of historical examples of artists fighting for access to new language. A star cast jumps through vivid scenery exhibiting gutteral attempts at using new voices to address the commonalities in our lives. Not meant for the weary, The Treatment is an experience challenging our culture’s motives, color schemes, storytelling and sense of self through others.