The List Wall Project
Soapbox Gallery (636 Dean St., Brooklyn)

The List Wall Project is a grassroots-driven conceptual art installation that invites the public to aspire by submitting anonymous, handwritten lists of their goals. Originating in Kansas City, this project has been touring nationally since February of 2010. As the List Wall moves from city to city, the public at each new venue may add their own lists by tacking them to the wall. The artist will be at the Soap Box gallery each evening from 5-7pm, so the public may read the wall or add their own list in person.

Lists Should be:
A list of short term or long term goals
Anonymous, but you may add an identifier (such as “architect” ) if you like
8 1/2″ x 11″ paper or smaller

Lisa Lala is most commonly know for her luscious oil paintings exhibited coast to coast and held in many private, public and museum collections. Born near San Francisco, California, Lala was raised with a global perspective as her family often traveled to impoverished countries as medical volunteers. Lala received her BFA from the University of Kansas, and also studied with Wolf Kahn and Tjasa Demsar (in France). Lala has been moderating the List Wall Project since it’s inception in 2009.