Sunday, June 19th: ‘The Lion King’ Sing-Along

The Lion King
The Bell House (149 Seventh Street, Brooklyn)

Hakuna Matata! That means no worries and also that we’re having a Lion King Sing-Along at The Bell House! Be Prepared and come watch this classic Academy Award winning Disney musical from the days when Disney still made awesome musicals. We’ve got all of the Elton John/Tim Rice songs subtitled for the entire audience to sing-along to together. And when everyone starts singing together you’ll definitely be able to feel the love tonight.

+Visit Rafiki’s Shaman Hut and enjoy some frozen chocolate covered bananas and other delicious treats inspired by the movie
+Dress up in animal prints, Simba outfits or Julie Taymor inspired garbs to compete in the costume contest
+Practice your best Jeremy Irons, Whoopi Goldberg or Nathan Lane voice for the impersonation contest
+Brush up on your Lion King knowledge for the trivia competition
+Enjoy one of our delicious themed drinks like the Circle of Life, Scar, the Pride Rock and the Laughing Hyena
+Watch behind the scenes footage, scenes from the sequels/prequels and hilarious Elton John music videos before the show