Big Wheel Race
Central Park, Enter at 5th Ave. & 106th St., Manhattan
40 feet into the park, bear right to the Visitors Booth

The fastest Big Wheel race ever…where speed is everything.

If SF’s Big Wheel is about the turns and NY’s is about the speed why aren’t we going faster!?

During the 2nd Ice Wheels run our single Red Flyer vehicle shot 40 riders to ludicrous speeds. What started out as something kinda goofy with most laughing at the idea of getting on a kiddy ride turned into>> OMG<< here we are on this slightly reinforced plastic lawn chair brimming in bright colors doing damn near 30MPH headed towards a lily pond with the hypnotic control of a super-ball, equipped with nothing more than Fred Flintstone styled brakes and, this is a thrill seeking adventure unparalleled. It became clear… the need for speeeed was ON!!!!

We want your rides… lots of rides. Everyone needs to bring something with wheels that's VERY low to the ground. Modify a baby carriage, put wheels onto a toilet, put extra rollers onto a skateboard to stabilize, have a dolly that's begging to go down a hill? Find yourself a trike and spray some graphite or WD-40 into the hub; office chair — add controls. For core Big Wheelers I suggest you get another one from Target or Amazon and start removing parts. Gloves are a necessity for spin control.

We still need everyone to dress up to promote absurdity and keep the parks people laughing so they continue to realize its all in good fun.

SPEED SPEED and more SPEED. Who wants it!?