The Nineteenth Century Brooklyn Kitchen with Harry Rosenblum
Brooklyn Historical Society (128 Pierrepont St., Brooklyn)

This presentation will include a selection of kitchenware from Harry Rosenblum’s collection and a discussion of the history of kitchen tools in America from the early nineteenth century to the present. The kitchenware on display will include nineteenth-century cast iron and copper cookware, a meat juice press and dozens of small kitchen tools from the collection.

The Brooklyn Kitchen Harry Rosenblum and his wife Taylor Erkkinen own the Brooklyn Kitchen a cookware shop that specializes in the finest new and vintage kitchenware and a cooking school that hosts 30-40 cooking classes a month. The space also holds the Meat Hook, a locally sourced whole animal custom cut butchershop that specializes in housemade sausage and charcuterie. Harry has been involved in antiques and memorabilia his whole life. The son of a collector, he grew up around fire fighting antiques, antique vehicles, a vast record collection and more. As a teenager, he worked at one of the country’s finest ephemera shops and gained a love and passion for interesting and obscure items. His own collecting has moved toward kitchenware and out-of-print cookbooks, with a specific interest in the obsolete and patent variations.