NY Yoga & Raw Food Expo
Hotel New Yorker (481 8th Ave., Manhattan)
$30 for three days in advance

Come visit the third annual NY Yoga & Raw Food Expo.Not only will many of your NEWLIFE favorites be there, like Sean David Morton, you will also meet experts in the fields of yoga and raw foods. Most yoga shows charge between $300 and $400 to come in. Not with us, for we know that not all yogis are monetarily wealthy; for you yogis and yoginis you will be able to take yoga classes of different styles all day for only $20 ($15 in advance) or all three days for $35 ($30 in advance) and go to unlimited lectures, panels & the exhibit hall. Want to learn about raw foods and organic products? Come join us, as some of the best vendors in America will explain how to eat, prepare and play with your diet.

Our three Raw Food Panels include some of America’s top Raw Foodists. On the Yoga side, we are blessed to present Sri Yogi Dharma Mittra, NewYork’s quintessential yoga teacher, who will be joined by yoga teachers of different styles throughout the weekend so bring your mat!

On the health side, old favorites, Dr. Howard Robins, Dr. Benjamin Lane, and Dr. Joel Wallach, will be joining a list of professionals to feed your body and soul. Kwatamani, Florida’s top raw food chef, will be serving your palate alongside Harlem’s own Lillian Butler & Eddie Robinson from Raw Soul. Once again, our New Age Bookstore will be selling all of its books at one-half price- a NY bargain.
On the metaphysical side, Ron Amitron will be joining Sean David Morton to feed your spirit.
In the infamous Sexuality & Sensuality Panel Charles Muir, America’s number one tantra teacher will be joined by other juicy professionals to show us the Secrets Of Sexual Alchemy, Spiritual Awakening and Orgasm.

Dance with Parashakti and the Open Music Ensemble and come to our Saturday evening Kirtan with Krishna Devi. Come enjoy the excitement and hang out immerse in the consciousness. So if your life isn’t as healthy or vital or as exciting as it used to be, come to the NY Yoga & Raw Expo and meet over 10,000 people who want to learn the same things as you.

Click here for additional information and a complete schedule of events.