Archi-Film Mashup 2
3rd Ward (195 Morgan Ave., Brooklyn)
Free, RSVP required: (include which workshop you want to attend)

Join us for the 2nd event of Archi-Film Mashups, an afternoon of multimedia screenings, lectures & workshops presented with SUPERFRONT-NY. Mashup 2 presenters include Antonio Torres & Michael Loverich of Bittertang, Michael Szivos of SOFTlab, Janette Kim & Erik Carver of The Underdome, and Danielle Willems of Volatile Matter.

This interactive series, as part of SUPERFRONT’s Cypher on Urban Affairs, will investigate the overlap and cross-breeding of architecture and mass media. Each mashup will include a round of quick-fire-style video/slideshow presentations and a 1.5 hour experimental stop-motion workshop in which participants will explore ideas alongside the designers.

Workshop: Bittertang – ‘Juicy, sweet, colorful, frothy and maybe a bit charred’… Bittertang will be leading an exploration of viscerally satisfying materials.
Workshop: SOFTLab – ‘temporary vs permanent’ …SOFTLab will be playing with green screens and images constructed over time.
Workshop: Volatile Matter – ‘Cinematic catalysis 2: the found + the constructed – merging found footage with narrative and material form, and exploring montage & editing.’