The Dish and the Spoon Premiere with Music by Snowmine
Open Road Rooftop (350 Grand St., Manhattan)
8pm doors

Our SXSW weekend kicks off with the New York premiere of The Dish and the Spoon. Indie starlet Greta Gerwig and newcomer Olly Alexander put on alternately fierce and delicate performances in this enchantingly offbeat romance about an alienated teen and a woman on the run from a troublesome marriage.

Over the last five years, Greta Gerwig has made her mark as one of the most promising young actresses to come out of American independent cinema. Even though she has since appeared in larger Hollywood projects such as Arthur, Gerwig hasn’t lost touch with her indie roots, as proven by her extraordinary performance in Alison Bagnall’s charming feature film. Filmmaker Allison Bagnall and star Greta Gerwig will be at the show in person for a Q&A after the film.

8:00 PM Doors Open
8:30 PM Live Music by Snowmine
9:00 PM Film Begins
10:30 PM Q&A with star Gretta Gerwig and filmmaker Alison Bagnall
11:30 PM After Party at Fontana’s, Courtesy of Sailor Jerry and Radberger