Anti-Curating for Social Change
Vaudeville Park (26 Bushwick Ave., Brooklyn)
4-10pm install

Jump in and hang your work for “Anti-Curating for Social Change” Vaudeville Park’s first neighborhood gallery show during Bushwick Open Studios, Saturday, June 4th, 10am-11pm.

We’re accepting ONE work, painting, small sculpture or other work from every and all artists we can fit from Brooklyn and NYC! It’s gonna be a huge show we think…

You must show up, or have a friend install for you, this Thursday, June 2nd, 4-10pm ONLY. No Exceptions. Please have work ready to hang, and bring any nails or hammer you may need. This will be like a “gallery auto-mat”. You pick a space as long as I see it can makes good use of the wall or floor, and you hang it there.

This is an amazing chance to really get involved in a wild social experiment, meet others you have no known connection to, and have your work shown in a known gallery arts space sponsored by NYFA.

Two Rules:

1) Artists MUST show up on June 2nd Thursday 4pm-10pm to install their own small to medium sized work themselves. So bring a hammer and a nail if you need to, as this place will be busy.

2) Artists MUST pick of their own work Sunday June 5th between 4-8pm or during Gallery Hours earlier that day to take down their work. All artists knowingly hang at own risk, or do not hang at all. No execptions folks, thanks!