Reverend Billy & The Church of Earthalujah
Theatre 80 (80 St. Marks Pl., Manhattan)
$10 suggested donation

Acclaimed performance artist and evangelist Reverend Billy shifts his focus from the evils of consumerism to the crisis facing planet Earth. Anchored by a spirited mixture of original gospel music, Reverend Billy’s impassioned sermons, and the sainting of activists and provocateurs, The Church of Earthalujah delivers an experience that is part theater piece, part church service and wholly inspirational! The Church trascends parody in favor of a passionate humanism that speaks to growing public anxiety in the face of ever-deadlier climate catastrophes and impotent leadership from politicians, NGOs and corporate CEOs.

We need more farmers in our society, to feed us, yes, but also to help us interpret the intimate relationship that they have – sticking their fingers in the planet every day, for us all to eat. Flanked by wetlands, and intermingled with habitat for creatures. The farm is a place where humanity exerts itself directly with ecology. The farm is the interface. The goals are human goals – the feedback is nature’s feedback.

This Sunday, The Church of Earthalujah will saint The Greenhorns – America’s fierce patriots of soil fertility. They work tirelessly to support, recruit and promote young farmers across the country. On their behalf, Sainthood will be accepted by the Greenhorn founder, Severine von Tscharner Fleming.

We’ll also saint Alex and Stephanie Villani and from the famous Blue Moon Fish, who have been selling local seafood caught from their boat to the farmers markets of New York for 23 years. We greet them Sunday before the Earth altar and thank them for teaching us sustainability with the ocean and fisheries in such a delicious way!