How to Tell a Meaningful Story Through Photographs
The B&H Event Space (420 9th Ave., Manhattan)

Humans are visual storytellers. From the Chauvet cave in southern France and the wall paintings created some 35,000 years ago, to our sharing photos via the web or the printed page, we think and recall events visually. This is one of the great powers of still photography, the ability to capture forever a moment in time.

We’ve all been to a friend’s house to see photos of their recent vacation to a foreign country or their kid’s soccer playoff game. They want to show you 300+ images, and by five photos in, you know this is going to be a long evening. Now, compare that to the presentation provided by that individual who understands a few concepts: visual narrative, editing and the knowledge that “less is more”. They present their story in 25-40 images, and by the end of that presentation, the audience jaws are somewhere around their knees, as the photos transport them to that place, letting them know what it looked, sounded and felt like. The good photo storytelling process is not dissimilar to the process of writing a story, and during his two hour lecture at the B&H Event Space, Jay Dickman will discuss the importance of that process in telling your own story, be it for National Geographic or for a presentation to friends and family.