Art and Alchemy with Ann McCoy
Observatory (543 Union St., Brooklyn)

Alchemy is a way of bridging the opposites. Through an richly illustrated presentation, artist Ann McCoy will discuss the alchemical imagery in the work of contemporary artists such as Herman Nitsch, James Lee Byers, Joseph Beuys, and Eric Orr, as well as within her own work.

She will touch upon the stages in the Great Work such as the putrefactio, the rubedo, and the albedo, and their relationship to depth psychology and dream imagery — as well as the role of depression, introversion, and dream states. She will also explore the role of the artist as an alchemist, and the ideas of incarnation, transmutation, and transformation.

Psyche and spirituality have become devalued currency in today’s art world which is focused rather on political and sociological content. Ann will show how the alchemical model is, in fact, a model for political and spiritual change both in the individual and society.

This talk will be in conjunction with Observatory’s group art show, ALCHEMICALLY YOURS.