Green Edge NYC’s “Sustainability Speaker Series”
61 Local (61 Bergen St., Brooklyn)

Discover the City’s 25,000 green acres—filled with majestic trees, wildflowers, grasses and ferns— the wild, unplanted thread in the Big Apple’s ecological fabric. Learn what makes a plant native and why local flora is important. Explore how life in the five boroughs means it’s not easy being green, characteristics of urban forests and threats to indigenous flora. We’ll also discuss what you can do, including how to go native in the garden.

Green Edge NYC’s “Sustainability Speaker Series” is a five-month-long program that showcases different innovative individuals and organizations in New York City who bring a significant “sustainable” contribution to the community. This series is part of a larger program called the “Farm City Chautauqua,” a community-building program with a vast array of events including food-related events, artists’ showcases, an urban agriculture themed book club, and much more.

Part of NYC Wildflower Week.