Songs from the Second Floor
Brooklyn Fire Proof (119 Ingraham St., Brooklyn)

KCCS and Brooklyn Mint, a new reading series present a night of curiosities from up north. Scandinavian enthusiast Zane Van Dusen curates a night of his favorite things from this strange and beautiful land.

[Norway – Bergensbanen]
Video artist, Blair Neal, deconstructs/reconstructs footage from a documentary revealing a gorgeous seven hour of a train traveling down the Norwegian coast into a slick 30 minutes, all to the sounds of ABBA slowed down 800% (not Norwegian, but I dare you to try finding pop-gems like that from Norway).

[Finland – Your insurance will stop paying for this]
Real-life Finnish human, Niina Pollari, presents a collection of her poetry. Her words explore the wilderness of the modern age and expose our vulnerabilities in harsh/humorous ways. “We said in a conversation we will always be friends but what did you think of the video I sent you”

[Sweden – Songs from the Second Floor]
A special screening of the brilliant Songs from the Second Floor (2000, 95min), a dark, absurd and hilarious series of illogical vignettes, directed by Swedish surrealist Roy Andersson, who spent 25 years making “the best TV commercials in the world” according to Ingmar Bergman. In its own deadpan way the weirdos of “Songs” sum up the peculiar horror of life in the new millennium.