Up in Arms
Brooklyn Lyceum (227 4th Ave., Brooklyn)
$10 in advance, $12 at the door

With arms raised high in triumph, the Alternative Arts Association is proud to unite for our five year anniversary show, UP IN ARMS. We come together as a community, as artists, as individuals, and as a generation to show the world our strength, vitality, and that despite the mountain of odds stacked against us, we still create and thrive.

UP IN ARMS will be the group’s eighth multimedia event, incorporating the works of over twenty five artists in a two night program. Comprised of both visual and performance art pieces, Alternative Arts will be filling the Brooklyn Lyceum with film, dance, theatre, poetry, installations, live painting, a full gallery hang, live bands and DJ sets. It is our time to rejoice in our accomplishments, tenacity, dedication, and for all the promise the future holds for us both individually and as collective.