Wednesday, May 4th: Free Tequila, Mezcal & Guacamole

“Cinco on the Quatro” Agave Party
Union Square Wines & Spirits (140 4th Ave., Manhattan)

All Hail the Agave at USQ! Whether you’re in to Blue and Weber Agave used for Tequila or the Agave Espadin which fashions Mezcal, come on by and celebrate Cinco de Mayo on the Quatro. Mixologists will be on hand to craft superior cocktails and show their seductive spirits neat. Margaritas are a given but look for savory concoctions featuring top mezcals as well. Featured producers include Siete Leguas, Chinaco, Siembre Azul, Veev Açai Spirit, Fidencio Mezcal, Del Maguey Mezcals, and more! Attendees may also look forward to heaping mounds of guacamole and chips for your snacking pleasure as palates are stunned by these quality agave-based elixirs!