Trouble in Paradise: Are We Losing Our Native Bees?
Brooklyn Botanic Garden (1000 Washington Ave., Brooklyn)

Presented by the Torrey Botanical Society

Did you know that the world’s smallest bee lives in the Sonoran Desert? Join Dr. Stephen Buchmann for an illustrated talk showcasing North American native bee diversity and addressing threats to bees and other pollinators. Explore the amazing ways bees make a living, from carpenters and masons to social parasite free-loaders, and revel in their fantastic dances with flowering plants that produce resins, oils, and perfumes as well as pollen and nectar. Learn more about Colony Collapse Disorder and steps the Pollinator Partnership is taking to alleviate it and help beekeepers. Declines in several U.S. bumble bee species will also be examined. It’s not all doom and gloom: Dr. Buchmann will share simple things we can do in our backyards, gardens, and schools to help native bees and other pollinating animals, including becoming a bee rancher! A book signing will follow the talk.

Guests should check in at 1000 Washington Avenue. Refreshments at 6 p.m.; lecture begins after reception and Torrey Botanical Society announcements.