Wednesday, April 4th: ‘The Kiss’ Author Kathryn Harrison with Emily Nussbaum & Anne Roiphe

The Kiss Author Kathryn Harrison with Emily Nussbaum & Anne Roiphe
Housing Works’ Bookstore Café (126 Crosby St., Manhattan)

New York Times bestselling author Kathryn Harrison, in conversation with New York Magazine’s Emily Nussbaum and feminist Anne Roiphe. This spring, Random House is reissuing Kathryn Harrison’s groundbreaking landmark memoir The Kiss, about her adult incestual relationship with her father, and what it took to break free from the trap of sexual abuse. When The Kiss first came out in 1997, it was an instant sensation and elicited extreme reactions, from praise and gratitude that Harrison had broken the taboo surrounding incest, to character assassination and blame of Harrison as collaborator rather than victim. Join Kathryn, Emily and Anne in their conversation on the repercussions of this particular memoir and topic, as well as the challenges of critiquing memoir as a work of art rather than an evaluation of the life of its author.