Sunday, May 1st: May Day Workshops at Textile Arts Center

May Day Workshops
Textile Arts Center (505 Carroll St., Brooklyn)
Free, RSVP requested:

Please join us for OKS gallery’s inaugural exhibit. Artists and designers were invited to submit pieces with their own broad interpretation of “good work.” What has emerged is a meaningful and beautiful collection that touches on labor, justice, gender, care, fair trade, the hand, immigration, community, skill and craftsmanship.

A May Day celebration and afternoon of hands-on workshops is scheduled for May 1st. Join us to make and mingle with some of the show’s participating artists:

Erin Considine will give natural dye demos using dyes you can easily obtain in the grocery store or your garden.

Abigail Doan will connect you with a collective of Iranian environmental fiber artists through an exchange of handmade peace bracelets.

Maya Valladeres will help you screen print or stitch an image of a garment worker onto an item of clothing, bringing you closer to those who make what you wear.

And of course, together we will create the ribbons to weave a Maypole! The Maypole is an invitation for everyone in the community to contribute to the gallery exhibit with their own creative textile practice. You can choose to crochet, knit, or stitch your contribution while at TAC on May 1st. Everyone’s work will be hung in the gallery at the end of the day.

What to bring (optional)

An item of clothing (or two) for screen printing and/or stitching

If you have a special piece of yarn or cloth that you would like to add to the maypole ribbons feel free to bring them, but we will also have lots of materials on hand