Sunday, May 1st: 6th Annual Central Park Beltane Celebration

6th Annual Central Park Beltane Celebration
The Great Hill in Central Park (enter at 103rd St. & CPW, Manhattan)
$10, RSVP requested:

It’s May, It’s May, the Lusty Month of May! Welcome, welcome one and ALL.

Charmed By Starr and the Wiccan Family Temple are pleased and proud to once again host this gathering, as we come together to share in the May Day festivities. In Ye Olde tradition we will have a MAYPOLE DANCING, JUMPING THE CAULDRON, and a GUIDED MEDITATION. A VERY BARDIC BELTANE. Considered to be one of our 4 Great Sabbats.

As we welcome Beltane one of the most important festivals of the pagan year traditionally marking the arrival of summer in ancient times. It is the celebration of two powers joining to bring creation, in this case, the Goddess and the God. The two form a sacred union, from which comes creation, growth and harmony. The God, now grown, becomes enraptured with the Goddess and from their love, all of nature grows and flowers. It is a time of sensuality and sexuality, the reawakening of the earth in vivid colours, vibrant scents, fresh greenery and the sheer joy of summer after a long dormant winter. A Beltane ritual, complete with songs and chants for everyone to join in on.

FOR MAYPOLE DANCING, bring *at least* 25 feet (30 is better) of ribbon in a color that reflects what you would like to weave into your life this year. Must be there by 2pm to attach ribbon to Maypole.

*EVERYONE* is welcome, of all races, creeds, genders, ages; solitaries, covens, families & friends, et al. We are respectful of all spiritual paths and all people.

BRING FOODS AND DRINKS TO SHARE: wines, juices, cakes, seasonal breads, fruits, grapes, cookies, veggies and dips

BRING HAND INSTRUMENTS — drums, flutes, tambourines, claves, maracas, etc.

Attire: Suggested colors are pink, yellow, green, violet, red, white (not required for attendance) .
Celebrants can draw a spiral on foreheads or cheeks (black eyebrow pencil) or draw a flower on cheek or Triangles for the triple Goddess (makeup for faces. Or even draw a complete spring mask or wear a mask on face. (In case of media people – you can hide in plain sight)

Blessed Be, one and all!