The Science of Peace
St. Cecilia’s Convent (21 Monitor St., Brooklyn)
See schedule below

The Science of Peace: a collection of our perceptions is a collaborative project birthed from the desire to create new imagery and understanding around what peace is, what it isn’t, and what it could be from a subjective point of reference by creating an environment open to experimenting with the ideal.

The beautiful St. Cecilia’s will be holding these projections of peace

20+ interactive room installations by:
…Sorine Anderson
Labanna Babalon
Heather Bregman,
Jessi Brooks,
Sarina Dailey,
Rob De Oude of Camel Art Space,
Cammissa Forrest,
Nyssa Frank,
Bree Hietala,
Gordon Holden,
Adam Kautz,
Greem Jellyfish,
Amy Jenkins,
Lindsay Jones of Outlaws of the Border,
James Magnum,
James Moore,
Felix Morelo,
Michael Mut’s Love Yourself project,
Itzy Ramirez,
Maria Sharpe,
Andrew H Shirley,
Biet Simkin,
Victoria Sobel,
Andrew Thomas,
Angelina Vezzetti,
Amanda Wong


Zach Layton with Talyor Hall

Photography shared by James Case-Leal, John Clendenen, and Nadirah Zakariya.

Sustainable fashions by Afia

A theatre room screening Matthew Lessner’s By Modern Measure (Official selection at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival).
Also shorts by Byrd, John Clendenen, Washington Chavez, Amy Jenkins, Katheryn Love and others.

Movement pieces by

Anna Marie Shogren of Non Solo touring art troupe,

HELL METAL DUNGEON by Dennis Franklin and Beatrice Schleyer


S.W.E.A.T. =liberation

At 10pm on Saturday there will be a one time performance of our
12-piece Improv Orchestra: a very special group of musicians to be announced soon!!

~the art of improvisation symbolizing that peace is not harmony but returning to harmony amidst chaos~

“Dress like your Higher Self and glow!”

SUNDAY FUN DAY GRAB THE KIDS (in you) opens at Noon

with brunch by Byssa and Nree, chalk, art projects and more!

Discussions begin at 2pm
With discussions from Veteran’s for Peace, a refugee from Ghana,

Richard Lloyd discussing “Everything is Everything is in relationship: can one person make a difference and is suffering essential”,

Justine Gaver from the biological anthropology department at The Natural History Museum,

and Ryan Wood from the Food Justice movement

Potluck at 5:30 with food from some New York state farms. Bring something to share if you can!

The show will conclude with a group meditation at 7 PM, I didn’t realize this until now, but at this time on the first Sunday of the month is World meditation time. COINCIDENCE?! So join us and many others across the whole world!!