Earth Day at Grand Central Terminal
Grand Central Terminal, Vanderbilt Hall West Side, Manhattan

This indoor event brings together environmentalists, youth, green companies, and artists to celebrate Earth Day in New York City. EarthFair is free and open to the public with fun, interactive exhibits that help educate and inspire New Yorkers on how to be conscious consumers and more active citizens.

This exhibition, originally shown at the Cooper Union in the winter of 2011, looks at the increasingly extreme industrial process used to extract fossil fuels and the negative impacts they are having on landscape, water and ecological health. Featuring the incredible photographic work of J. Henry Fair, the version of this exhibit that is being staged at Grand Central Terminal for Earth Day 2011 focuses on the highly controversial process of hydro-fracking for natural gas, an issue and debate that is critical to New York and Pennsylvania, but is also assuming national importance. The exhibit includes detailed analytical maps and informational text on the process.

Researched, developed and built by a group of graduates working at the Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design, the Architecture Archive staff, and J Henry Fair, the exhibition features analytic graphics and interactive media developed specifically for Landscapes of Extraction.