Thursday, April 21st: Earth Night 2011 with Open Bar

Earth Night 2011
Environment Furniture Showroom (876 Broadway, Manhattan)
$10 in advance (closes 11am day of, $20 at the door)

Be part of a Coast-to-Coast party for the planet with Green Drinks NYC, LA Green Drinks, the Center for Environmental Health, and at Environment Furniture Showrooms on both coasts!

Join us for the first annual Bi-Coastal Green Drinks Earth Night celebration!

Enjoy music, networking and information sharing on the night before Earth Day.

A short program from authors and other environmental leaders will prepare you to be involved and take action on Earth Day.

Bring toys, jewelry, purses, shoes, handbags and other consumer goods for on-site lead testing.

The event brings the diverse LA and NYC green communities together to celebrate Earth Day at night doing the same things in the same space across the continent from each other.