Tuesday, April 19th: The Social Limits of Liberty

Unequally Free? The Social Limits of Liberty
The Institute for Public Knowledge (20 Cooper Sq., 7th Fl., Manhattan)

Is each and everyone of us able to exercise, to the same extent, the liberties that the law guarantees? Under which conditions can we hope to see this equality in freedom manifest? Calling for an examination of the stakes of racial and ethnic inequality, as well as disparate social circumstances, these questions will be tackled by Patrick Savidan, author of several books on equal opportunity and founder of the French Observatory of Inequalities; Fabienne Brugère, whose latest research regards the ethics of care; Alondra Nelson, whose study of the Black Panther Party’s health politics is forthcoming from the University of Minnesota Press and Romain Huret, a historian of the contemporary United States, whose interests lie in discourses created by public institutions on poverty.