Rooftop Films Sneak Preview
MS 51 (350 5th Ave., Brooklyn)

In the next few days, we will begin to announce our selections for our outdoor screenings this summer, our 15th year of showing underground, and our friends over at Aunt Suzie’s Restaurant on 5th Avenue in Park Slope invited us to give the neighborhood a early peek at some of the best short films that we will be screening when the weather warms up. We thought it was a great idea, so on Saturday, April 16th, we’ll present an extraordinary collection of films from some of our signature programs.

We’ll present David O’Reilly’s magnificently twisted animated masterpiece, The External World; Chris Beckman’s YouTube home movie mashup, oops; Kelly Sears’ wonderful and weird Jupiter Elicius, which will be included in the Rooftop produced omnibus, Orbit; Tom Schroeder’s sexy and surprising animated romance, Bike Race; David Lowery’s SXSW short film winner, Pioneer, starring Bonnie Prince Will Oldham; the masterfully melancholic Swedish animated film, Tord and Tord; and not one but TWO films that we helped to fund through our Rooftop Filmmakers Fund–Emily Carmichael’s Ledo and Ix Battle Epically and Moon Molson’s powerful coming of age tale, Crazy Beats Strong Every Time.

The show is free and open to all, and it’s a tremendous selection of films from all over the world, so join us in the auditorium of Middle School 51 on Saturday evening and get an early look at some of the amazing works that will be heading to the roof this summer.