On April 7-8, The CUNY Graduate School of Journalism will host our inaugural film series. This year’s theme is “The World Through Women’s Eyes” where we explore social issues related to women worldwide through documentary film and panel discussions. The series will also explore the intersection of journalism, documentary film and activism. Our goal is to support filmmaking and reporting on women’s human rights while furthering discussions of solutions to these pervasive issues.

The series will bring together filmmakers, journalists, students, activists and scholars such as Abigail Disney, filmmakers Virginia Williams, Renée Bergan. Dawn Sinclair Shapiro, and Risa Morimoto, documentary photographer Marcus Bleasdale, and activists Agnes Kamara-Umunna, Naheed Bahram and Sunita Viswanath from Women for Afghan Women to name a few. We will feature films from Afghanistan, India, Haiti, Liberia and the Congo over this two-day event.

Click here for more information and a schedule of events.