Saturday, April 2nd: Dramatic/Comedic Catharsis

Dramatic/Comedic Catharsis: Embodying Self-Loathing
Trade School (32 Prince St., Manhattan)
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This class will ask students to examine and perform their own worst fears about their psychological identities and emotional states. The instructors will provide a short discussion and demonstration of dramatic catharsis, and explain the development of the concept of emotional cleansing through art and performance. We will focus in this session on participants providing, depending on preference and comfort level, either enactments or simply articulated descriptions of what we perceive to be our most reprehensible qualities. Students will each be asked to either perform a very short piece or simply describe a scenario that represents the part of them that they feel is most abject, unattractive, inappropriate, and/or simply disgusting. These brief performances (1-3 minutes) could consist of anything, but the instructors suggest providing a fictional response to a real scene from your work, relationship, family life, or a social occasion which allows you to exhibit what you would consider to be the worst possible thing you could do in that situation.