To Catch a Dollar Screening
Many locations in NY-Metro Area, reserve tickets in advance

To Catch a Dollar, a 2010 Sundance Film Festival selection, documents the birth of Grameen America and the effort to bring Nobel Laureate and Presidential Medal of Honor winner Muhammad Yunus’s revolutionary microfinance program to the United States. The film features stories of women borrowers from around the world – with a focus here in the U.S. on the plight of those struggling to save. It proves it is possible to meet the needs of Americans living without access to affordable financial services, and can fuel a social movement campaign that can go even further. It also educates viewers about the potential for microfinance as a solution to a number of these pressing social challenges. Lastly, the film provides clear and sustainable calls to action that extend the reach of the film and its stories beyond the theatre and into the lives of those who are living in poverty – and those who can help.

The event, made possible by support from Google, the Hilton Foundation and others, will include a captivating panel moderated by CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo and featuring Dr. Muhammad Yunus, President Premal Shah and special guest, financial powerhouse Suze Orman. It will also include messages of support from celebrities including Hugh Jackman, Matt Damon, Russell Simmons and others. Audience members will be asked to join efforts to choose and support the first-ever publicly-funded Grameen America branch.