A Very Special Wailing Wall Show
Death By Audio (49 S. 2nd St., Brooklyn)

I know I have invited you to a lot of Wailing Wall shows over the years, but I assure you that this one is particularly significant and worth attending. Here is why:

1. Winter is/will be FUCKING OVER.

2. March 27th is my actual birthday and I want you to come celebrate with me! No promises (mostly because I’m not sure if DBA will let me do this) but I might try to bring some kind of celebratory snack for everybody.

3. At this show, WW will be the largest it has been in a long time – nearly all current collaborators will be on stage, and some past ones as well! Guitars! Drums! Horns! Keys! Percussion! Singing! Lovey dovey bromance vibes and a mighty sound.

4. Opening will be two amazing acts (and very dear friends of mine) – Warbles (myspace.com/warblesmusic) and Boy Without God (myspace.com/boywithoutgod)! Tom from Warbles and Gabe from BWG are two of my favorite songwriters in the world these days and they are not to be missed!

5. The last reason is still officially a secret, so I will just say this – you probably won’t see another show like this for a very long time. Maybe ever.