Brooklyn Mutt Show
Brooklyn Lyceum (227 4th Ave., Manhattan)
Free to view

The rumors are true ladies and gentlemen: the Brooklyn Mutt Show barks back into the Brooklyn Lyceum for a two-day canine carnival.

Unlike the stuffy shows put on by Westminster and the American Kennel Club, four-legged locals from all walks of life will strut their fuzzy stuff in our large upstairs stage, judged by local enthusiasts making extremely discerning & difficult decisions, such as “Best Beard,” “Softest Ears,” “Most Nutritionally Advantaged” (by which we mean fattest) and, in what we think is a fur-st in the dog show omniverse, a “Snook-a-Like” contest, where we will have contestants preen their poufs and Paw-pump their way towards earning the honor of ‘dog that most resembles Jersey Shore’s Snooki.’

Winners will be competing for doggie bags of canine goods, and Brooklyn Mutt Medals to keep on their doghouse doors for years. FREE admission for viewers!