Friday, March 25th: Bad Dreams as Border Songs

The Little Heavy Ones: Bad Dreams as Border Songs (Trade School)
Whitney Museum of American Art (945 Madison Ave., Manhattan)
Museum admission is pay-what-you wish from 6-9pm

I fly on my stomach, hands in front of me. I am near the river; the river is to the side. I land real early in the morning. In the dark. – 29°26’55″N 104°11’15″W

The deep militarization of the US/Mexico border manifests in the nocturnal dreams of those residing alongside the Rio Grande—markedly in the pesadillas (“little heavy ones”) of the residents of Redford, Texas ( 29°26’55″N 104°11’15″W). It was agreed, at collection, that I would disseminate the dreams, replete with symbolic and actual flights, beautiful dead men and murderers masquerading as animals—within the greater US interior. Here, they have been turned into song, sung from one body to another.

When you wait in line for the museum, someone will approach you. They will discreetly lean close and sing into your ear. You will learn the song. The singer will teach it to you. It is one of the dreams collected at the border. You will sing your version to the person behind you and in front of you in line.