Speaking the Queen’s English
Trade School (32 Prince St., Manhattan)
Barter for instruction, register here

Perhaps you’re an actor who just can’t master that darned R.P. (Received Pronunciation, also known as “Standard” or “BBC” English) required for Ayckbourn or Stoppard. Or maybe you just want to talk like the villains in DIE HARD 1 and 3 to tell your enemies off with style and precision.

Either way, speaking English consistently in this manner is no mystery. As long as you have a reasonably good ear, there is a straightforward, mostly scientific way to learn how to accurately reproduce nearly any English language dialect. And once you study this in detail, it’s just a matter of practice. (Having a good ear and “winging it” always results in serious flubs.)

In this class, you will learn all you need to know to speak in a Posh English dialect (R.P.) or an East End London dialect (Cockney). The students who sign up can decide which one they’d rather learn. And if there is time, we could even go over both.

(Note the difference between an accent and a dialect. Accents are the way people speak a language that is foreign to them (e.g.: a native Russian-speaker speaks English with a Russian accent) whereas dialects are variations in word-choice and pronunciation among native speakers of one language (e.g.: a native New Yorker speaks English with a New York dialect).