Alternative Alternatives: Art and the Economy – Part I
Trade School (32 Prince St., Manhattan)
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By signing up for this March 16th class, you are automatically registered for the workshop on April 3rd.

This lecture/workshop takes place over two sessions. For the first session, on Wednesday, March 16th, Curator Erin Sickler will lead the group on a rough and tumble tour through various intersections of art and the economy, provoked by two questions: 1) What art the current models we have for supporting art production? 2) How could we develop more sustainable tactics and structures?

The second meeting, held on Sunday, April 3rd, is a 3-hour workshop in which participants will discuss fantastic and practical strategies for ways to address the problems and possibilities of art funding structures. Participants will bring material to share in the form of paper or digital documents, tall tales, and mythological projections. The result will be a haphazard working document—a democratic primer full of fantasies, thoughts, reflections, and suggestions to move the conversation forward. All barters for the class will provide some kind of support for compiling, structuring, and distributing this participatory compilation.