Astrology for Beginners
Trade School (32 Prince St., Manhattan)
Barter for instruction, register here

“Hey, I was born a Taurus, but I feel like a Leo!”

In this class, we will explore the basic elements of what astrology is and how it works. We will have a new way of looking at astrology as a transcultural tool and not what we have been used to before under sun sign consumerism. Assuming you’ve already accepted astrology into your heart, we will cover:
– Ophiuchus, what’s going on with the 13th sign?: How astrologers knew about it for decades, and why it’s not used.
– Different systems: Western vs Vedic astrology
– Zodiac Signs, Modes, Elements, and Planets (and asteroids!).
– Locating the Ascendant, Sun, and Moon in a chart and their importance.

We will look at a REAL chart. If you can, please send your birth information before class. We will choose one chart at random and use it as an example.

You won’t read horoscopes the same way again!