Thursday, March 10th: The Poetry of Illumination

The Poetry of Illumination
Anna Silver Auditorium (166 Essex St., Manhattan)
Free, RSVP required (212.380.8153)

“The Ever-New Vision and The Ever-Ancient Reality” – Sri Chinmoy’s poetry of illumination – selected works spanning over four decades, discussed and performed with musical accompaniment by Bhikshuni Weisbrot.

Sri Chinmoy wrote thousands of poems in his lifetime, both in his native Bengali and English. His poetry-journey spanned over half a century Sri Chinmoy with pen concentrating.jpgand encompassed themes of philosophy, prayer, religion, spirituality, nature’s beauty, his love of the English language and the exploration of word-making as well as his abiding love, concern and hope for the world. This presentation of his poems and music offers a glimpse of the unique work of this seer-poet, whose works envision the present, past and future all at once.