Food In Art: An Edible History
Trade School (32 Prince St., Manhattan)
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Get ready to tease your tastebuds and stimulate your senses!

Food in Art: An Edible History will lead participants on a guided tour of a virtual exhibition of artworks and films that are about, and contain images of, food. At each artwork or film clip, we will be eating the food that we see in each image.

Artworks include those by Andy Warhol, Gordon Matta-Clark, Future Farmers, Janine Antoni, Jennifer Rubell, Agnes Denes, and also Frida Kahlo’s fruit paintings, Renoir’s luncheon scenes, Dutch “kitchen and market” paintings, 18th century kitchen table paintings, and others. Films include clips from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, My Cousin Vinny, Big Night, Safe, Hairspray and Eat Drink Man Woman.

Imagine not only looking at Warhol’s Campbell Soup painting but also tasting the saltyness of the tomato soup, feeling the hot soup slosh around in your mouth and on your tongue. Instead of only seeing Charlie Buckets on his journey through his chocolate adventure, participants will be able to experience the film with their taste buds!

The Food in Art class will provoke participants’ senses to create a more comprehensive, emotional and personal exploration of the artworks and films. This class will subvert traditional viewing practices that normally confine the viewer to experiencing art from a primarily visual perspective and will examine new models of art viewing that incorporate taste and smell.