Madal Is My Nickname
Anna Silver Auditorium (166 Essex St., Manhattan)
Free, RSVP required (212.380.8153)

Presented by Victory-Banner Productions
Directed by Ketan Goldman

The play begins on a winter’s day in December 1965 as Sri Chinmoy, newly immigrated to the United States from his native India, travels by bus from Manhattan to Woodstock. As he watches the snow falling during his journey, he fondly reflects on many of the charming and mystical experiences from his childhood, as well as on his distant family members and the inner command that ultimately brought him to America. His destination in Woodstock is Yerry Hill, a secluded place where he used to meditate and have many deep, spiritual experiences.

“During my childhood, I was known by the affectionate Bengali nickname ‘Madal’ meaning ‘Kettledrum’ (because I was always making so much noise!)”

-Sri Chinmoy

Madal Is My Nickname is part of the Festival of Meditation and Spirituality taking place in New York City in the month of March, sponsored by the Sri Chinmoy Centre.