Are you a fan of modern furniture but not so much a fan of money? At the Blu Dot Swap Meet, you can trade your amazing talents or odd collections into your very own piece of Blu Dot.

No cash? Who cares! Here’s how it works:

1. Pick out any Blu Dot item you want. Come up with an interesting offer (collections, creations, talents, taxidermy, etc.) and upload it to this site between February 28 – March 11, 2011. (If you submit a video, keep it under five minutes.)
2. Check the site throughout the period to see the status of your bid. Blu Dot may like it enough to swap, or may want you to up the ante.
3. If your bid becomes a successful swap, you will be additionally notified via e-mail.

PLEASE NOTE: Sorry – no minors allowed. One bid per piece of Blu Dot furniture. Blu Dot will not accept human babies, “self love” videos, and/or mean/inappropriate things. In other words, be creative but don’t be stupid.