92YTribeca (200 Hudson St., Manhattan)

Nuclear weapon in the wrong hands? Small town gripped by terror? Ninjas at your front door? Thugs and murderers taking over your town? When a superhero just won’t do, call in the cigar-chomping boys’ club with a suitcase full of guns and a calabash of whiskey.

Cinebeasts and the 92YTribeca invite you to bear witness to some ass-kicking in the first degree! Join us on Friday, February 25th for ACTIONFEST! A cinematic salute to all things action movie!

First, we start off with HAPPY HOUR from 6-7PM. (Because you can’t truly enjoy action unless you’ve got a buzz going.)

Kickoff is at 7PM with 40 bloodthirsty minutes of ACTION shorts created by filmmakers from all over. Because breaking balls doesn’t mean breaking the bank!

Next up is a quick talkin’ to with Village Voice columnist Eric Hynes, “Die Hard”-scholar Amresh Sinha, and veteran stuntman Harry Madsen (“Taking of Pelham 1, 2, 3”)

Have you ever wanted to throw a real-life stuntman through a pane glass window of questioning? Have you ever wondered whether THE VILLAGE VOICE likes action movies? Do they even *teach* action in film school? Get the answers to all these and more.

And finally, the feature: NORTH SEA HIJACK aka ASSAULT SQUAD aka FFOLKES!

When drama queen Anthony Perkins hijacks a North Sea oil rig, it’s up to a hard-drinking misogynist Rufus Excalibur Ffolkes (Roger Moore) and his blue-blooded second-in-command Admiral Brimstone (James Mason) to bring the hurt! Get ready for a ninety minute suckerpunch of stogie-smokin’, hard-drinkin’, and good old-fashioned women-hatin’

Ffolkes/dir. Andrew McLaglen/1980/Color/95mins.