Board Game Olympics XI
Union Hall (702 Union St., Brooklyn)
$20 for two people

The Basics:
Two people per team. That means you and one other person (no computers or cyborgs, please).

Fourteen or more teams (we max out at 22 teams) will do battle in well-known contests. The goal is to determine once and for all* who is the greatest assembly of winners at randomly selected board games.
Teams will face off against other teams in groups play. Then, just like the international Olympics that based themselves on us, group winners will proceed to play elimination for ultimate championship-ness.

The Games:
Trivial Pursuit, Jenga, Taboo, and more!

1. Send an e-mail to with BGO11 Team as the subject line, and your team name, 2 team members, and their emails in the body.
2. Wait until you hear back from us that you have a spot. Once you hear from us, THEN go to our website and pay via Paypal to secure your spot.

NO REFUNDS if you cancel on Game Day, or if we drop you because you are late to the event.

What If My Team Doesn’t Land a Spot?
We will begin a Wait List in case teams drop. Also, you’re welcome to come that night, even without a full team. We’ll have other games non-competitors can play. Or you can simply spectate. Plus, there’s a chance you might end up on a team in need of last-minute subs. Also, if a team isn’t present by the start time, they are dropped to accommodate any wait listers who are there.