UTOPIA=NO PERSON: A Fifteen Minute Exorcise Routine
Issue Project Room (232 3rd St., 3rd Floor, Brooklyn)
4pm-midnight, first 15 minutes of every hour

UTOPIA=NO PERSON is the first performance of a three-month artist residency at Issue Project Room in which Prince Rama will found the NOW AGE cult in order to conduct sonic explorations in utopia. The “15 minute exorcise routine” (a play off the words “exercise” and “exorcise”) focuses on the body as a vehicle for utopian experimentation, encouraging willing participants to undergo a confrontation with personal demons and shedding of individual identity through the physical exhaustion of the body. Here, the element of “trance” plays a crucial role in the music of both shamanic exorcism rituals and classic dance aerobic routines as a means to syncopate physical movements to metaphysical time patterns and hopefully elicit an interplay between the physical and spiritual realms.

Using the famous aerobics instructor Paul Eugene’s motto, “Let yourself go”, as an existential battle cry, THE NOW AGE will transform the concert space of Issue Project Room into a mystical gym where a group exorcise routine will be conducted every hour on the hour from 4pm to midnight. Visuals for inspirational invocation provided by Julian Bozeman. Comfortable workout clothes and shoes and/or yoga mats are highly recommended.