Noir Night: Fugitives and Felons
Vaudeville Park (26 Bushwick Ave., Brooklyn)
7:30pm doors
Free admission & free popcorn

Feature Presentation: Try and Get Me (1950)

Loyd Bridges, Frank Lovejoy, Adele Jergens, Richard Carlson

Directed by Cy Endfield (Blacklisted US director, relocated to England)

“Try and Get Me” is one of the most disturbing and frequently overlooked films of the Noir era. For those with the stomach to experience American cinema at its darkest, this mid-century masterpiece exposes deep-seated class hatreds and the potentially dark power of the American press.

The spirit of this film runs counter to the mainstream American values of its time. In his hard-hitting classic screenplay, Jo Pagano set the stage for particularly frightening suspense and harrowing visuals that raise the bar, even today.

Act II:


From “The Fugitive”. Episode #84

Orig. Air Date – March 8, 1966

David Janssen, Barry Morse

Guest Stars: Jeanette Nolan, John McIntire, Tim McIntire

In an effort to evade the close pursuit of Lt. Girard, fugitive Dr. Kimble takes on work as a farmhand and befriends a struggling migrant family. Fellow farmhand Tim McIntire provides running commentary via folk-song throughout the episode. An exceptionally strong standalone episode with a Grapes-of-Wrath rhythm.

Enjoy live performances from the “Villains of Vaudeville” as they play dark, sinister, synthy jazz to accompany the tragedy of our syndicated program.

Indulge on Bloody Red-Wine Cocktails, Free Popcorn, and the Horrors of all that is cruel, unfeeling and unfair in the black-and-white night.