Flushing Mall Grazing Experience
Flushing Mall Food Court (133-31 39th Ave., Queens)
$10 food purchase required

There are about 10 food vendors at the Flushing Mall, and each stand has at least 30 items on the menu. How can I find my favorite dish of dishes? What am I supposed to order?

The Flushing Mall Grazing Experience is similar to a potluck, but instead of bringing the food, each person will be required to spend $10 at the food court!

This is going to be an ultimate food adventurist’s event. Imagine tables full of every item on these Asian kitchen’s menus. 10 dollars buys more than one meal, so come at 2, pick something you’ve always wanted try, bring it to the common area and GRAZE.

Have you ever walked down the chili sauce aisle in an Asian supermarket and thought: “How am I supposed to choose?” —- As an added attraction, we will have a Chili Sauce Tasting Table. For $5, you will get to sample the entire aisle of Chili Sauces. Sounds like fun? Find your taste.

There’s so much to see in Flushing and the rest of the mall. Bring your family and friends, and let’s make this another awesome event.

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