Wednesday, February 16th: MORAL KOMBAT 3

MORAL KOMBAT 3: C Spencer Yeh v. G Lucas Crane
The Clocktower Gallery (108 Leonard St., 13th Fl., Manhattan)

G Lucas Crane downloads the spectral totem of “The Nonhorse” to collaborate with a series of artists on the cutting edge of contemporary experimental, drone, noise, and sound art inside The Beautiful Tower Room of Time and Justice at The Clocktower Gallery. A battle requires an outcome, and in this world the reasons for crossing swords can be petty, dire, and self serving. But this series imagines a musical battle of passion and skill on the other end of the battle-spectrum; a meeting in an auspicious time and place for a test of will and technique. The series also posits the hypothesis that because of its focus on texture, chance, accidental intersections, layers, throb, vibe, and the trappings of a certain transcendence, the kind of music involved is inherently “more moral” than, say, music made to trap the hearts and minds of men and women, i.e. “Commercial Pop” or “Rock ‘n Roll”, etc. In keeping with the “Match Format”, an electronic “Moral Judgement Box” will determine the winner on a variety of moral aesthetic grounds, and the entire performance will be recorded in a large slab of sound.