Last year, more than 800 students enrolled in classes offered over the course of 35 days at Trade School, a community-supported, non-traditional learning environment where students barter for instruction. Back by popular demand, the school’s second semester classes will be held from February 2nd through April 17th, 2011 in an old elementary school on Prince Street.

Whether the class’s subject is trade-related or just for fun, Trade School offers individuals the opportunity to meet new people and share knowledge, all without money changing hands. In lieu of tuition funds, students bring an item for or perform a service requested by the instructor. Some of the things this semester’s instructors have asked for include: mixtapes, help finding a rent-stabilized apartment, used tea bags, beer, passes to dance classes, plants, good cheer, Italian lessons and proof that students donated items to charity.

There are still lots of great classes with spots available, and anyone who is passionate about a subject can sign up to teach a class. Find more information, visit the Trade School Web site.