BROOKLYN BOOGIE: A Creative Movement Class and Dance Party with Trampolines
The Gym Park (81 Oak Street)
8:30-9:30pm Zumba class
9:30-11:30pm Dance party
$10-20 sliding scale, free if you volunteer

Brooklyn Boogie is an all-ages creative movement class and dance party for people who like to play. The activities are designed to help you play with, discover, and express yourself using movement and improvisational games.

With a Zumba class led by Ashlynn Manning and upbeat eclectic electronica by DJ Funk Crunk Chung. Dress for comfort and self-expression. People of all backgrounds, ages, and physical abilities are welcome and celebrated. No drugs, alcohol, or smoking.

The Gym Park is a gymnastics and play center with a foam-carpet spring floor, 20-foot trampoline, rigs for aerial silk and yoga, flying rings, soft colorful mats, monkey bars, and 2700 square feet of gymnastics equipment.