Guest Writers Wanted

Nifty NYC Writers Wanted

Thanks for your interest in writing for Nifty NYC! At the moment, we’re looking for guest contributors to write about Nifty Places throughout the city. Ideally $10 or less, anything from your favorite park make out spot to a bar you frequent is fair game. If it’s a unique place you adore and mention to your friends, it’s something Nifty readers want to hear about.

Nifty Places posts include 200–500 original words about favorite locations in the five boroughs. If you’re able to snap few pictures of your chosen destination, we would love to include them. Photos taken on your phone are fine, as long as the subject is clearly visible.

Currently, writing assignments are unpaid, though we hope to be able to compensate our contributors in the future. All guest posts include a 1–3 sentence bio where you are welcome to link to your resume, book, social media profiles and/or blog. Nifty Places pieces are promoted to thousands of New Yorkers via our newsletter and Twitter.

If you’re interested, please send the following information to us at hello [at] niftynyc [dot] com:

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