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Thanks for your interest in submitting an event, deal or freebie to Nifty NYC. We get a lot of submissions every day. Here are some tips to make sure yours stand out:

  • WE ONLY LIST EVENTS IN THE 5 BOROUGHS. We do not list events in Long Island, NJ, Upstate or anywhere else.
  • WE ONLY LIST EVENTS UNDER $20 (including drink and food order minimums).
  • Our readers are single 20-somethings & 30-somethings. We don’t list family-specific/kid-only events.
  • The shorter the event description, the better. We suggest keeping it under 2 paragraphs with the most important/compelling info at the beginning. Bullet points work well.
  • We recommend submitting 3 days to 2 months in advance. You can try reaching us on Twitter (@niftynyc) if it’s really close to the event date. If you submit information 3+ months before the event will be held, it might get lost in our system.
  • If event details change, it’s fine to resubmit. Just note that details changed at the top of the event description.
  • Please include an end date if your event is ongoing. It could be a year from now, but our system needs to have an end date.
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    ** Nifty NYC Express Listing Terms & Conditions: Your event will be published within 6 business days after your $39 contribution is received, if not sooner (typically 1-3 days). Only events that are $20 or less, held in the 5 boroughs and appeal to 20-somethings and 30-somethings will be added to our calendar. If your event does not meet these 3 criteria, it will not be published and your contribution will be forfeit. Nifty NYC reserves the right to edit the content and format of listings to make them more appealing to our readers, and an Express Listing does not guarantee that your event will be included in our e-newsletter. For ongoing Express Listings, a $39/month additional contribution may apply. Published Express Listings may only be edited once and a lead time of 6 business days is required.